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Amazing Benefits of Youth Training:

 stronger muscles 

stronger bones 
 stronger tendons 
   stronger ligaments

more muscle
 less fat
  higher metabolism
  greater daily physical ability
  greater self-confidence

less injuries

Youth Training and  U360 Wellness

Physical exercise encourages a child's healthy growth! Our society is not only plagued by growing obesity rates, but also a decrease in overall wellness and under-fit children. Youth training is kept fun yet organized. Programming focuses on building strength, improving balance and flexibility, proper nutrition, and building self-esteem. Programs are kept safe as they are closely monitored and match the physiological needs of your child's current stages of development and activity level.

As certified fitness professionals and certified teachers of Georgia with more than 25 years of teaching experience, we can work with your child to improve fitness, nutrition, self-esteem, behavior, and academics.

Youth Services Include:

  • body composition testing, fitness evaluations, personalized fitness & nutritional programs for your child.
  • options to incorporate academic tutoring and discussions on self-esteem/social issues/behavioral issues to complete the U360 circle to be his or her very best! 
  • Individual and group options
  • In-home consultation on behavior management and organization
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