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The Ultimate U360 School Challenge​​s

As experienced educators, with over 25 years teaching experience, the founders of BUILD U360 thoroughly understand how a school runs, what works, what doesn't, and important curriculum and staff responsibilities. Don't waste funds! Our programs do not "add to the load", become a burden, or collect dust on a shelf. We create a happier, vibrant, successful school and community!

The Ultimate U360 School Challenge

 BUILD a climate of wellness throughout a community through improved fitness, proper body composition, balance, strength, nutrition, intellectual performance, and emotional health. As your wellness advisors we lead students, staff, and families in activities and fundraisers that gain community support and improve school wellness and academic success.

Be a model for the community! Improve, academic success, behavior, and attendance!

The U360 Club After-School Program

Participating students will improve wellness, self-esteem, character, and academic performance by striving to achieve fitness, wellness, and academic goals. They must achieve each of THE BIG TEN in order to complete their U360 challenge! THE BIG TEN goals are categorized by mind, body, and nutrition. Participants receive tokens, incentives, and goodies to help them BUILD their full circle of wellness. Students will participate in special school and community acknowledgment, and greatly enjoy being role models for their peers and community!

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