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Scarlett Childers fitness  Narcissism abuse recovery

Scarlett Childers

Personal Trainer

 Behavoir Consultant

 I.S.S.A-CPT, B.S.Ed. , CPR, First Aid  

Raised in Charlotte, NC Scarlett is a Nationally Accredited Certified Personal Trainer as well as a certified Elementary and Middle School Education Teacher and continued her education towards a masters degree in School Counseling. Growing up with a strong sense of determination, Scarlett excelled in sports and academics, and managed to  complete kindergarten through high school without missing a day of school. She was an avid cheerleader, on the track team, traveling performing in musical theater, and as a nationally competitive dancer. She participated in dance, cheerleading and theater throughout childhood, college, and after. She has experience in both professional cheerleading and dance, as well as the performing arts. Scarlett graduated with honors from The University of South Carolina and taught grades K-5 for 16 years while also teaching cheerleading and dance to youth. Scarlett believes everyone has special inner talents to grow, and has a great passion to motivate and help those facing life obstacles to find inner peace, happiness, and strength through determination, reaching goals, and a path of living well. 


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