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Personal Training Options

Our personal trainers are nationally certified and passionate about helping you improve your life and reach your goals. We work with adults and children, individuals and groups.

After proper fitness evaluations and a body composition analysis, we will provide you with a personalized program to reach your goals.  You will be closely supervised to ensure safety, appropriate intensity, and to keep you motivated!  On going evaluations will follow to measure your growth, and guide program changes in order to remain effective, keep you challenged, and attain your goals!

We will also offer you nutritional advice to help make the most of your efforts. 

Choose What Best Fits Your U360​!

  • one on one training 
  • buddy training                             
  • in-home   training
  • studio training at a top fully equipped professional private studio
  • bootcamps  that focus on proper technique, getting your heart rate up, building strength, and calorie burn!
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